It's really an easy process!

Post a listing

By using Loadatrash APP register yourself and post your waste description and get offers by finger tips

Registered collectors

Loadatrash have bunch of licensed collectors who actively view your listing and bid on your posts

pay on job

Using our secure payment gateways pay to approved contractor and get the job done without any wait

Job done

Without any time & money wasting efforts get your wastes recycled in minutes by simple clicks

How it works & What to pay

Loadatrash works really simple. You just have to post your wastage or trash and will get an instant quote on your listing. Loadatrash Admin will be in contact with you 24 by 7. Our registered collectors post their quotes and the specific perfect matches top 3 of them will be forwarded by Admin to you. It's up to you to choose the attractive bid or ignore them and Admin will share the upcoming bids from contractors. After an agreed deal the process ends and you can assign the deal to the agreed contractor by paying instantly using our secure payment service. The collector will arrive at your place and will pick up the waste and you can mark your review after satisfactory result which helps Loadatrash to keep perfect contractors in cycle.

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    What to do next

    If you would like to try us out, all you need to do is download the app on your smartphone, find some waste and create a listing. It really is that easy. No big contract or complex set up process. Just click and go! Alternatively, if you’ve got some detailed questions or would prefer to be walked through exactly how to use the app, then click on the Green button below to arrange a chat with a member of our Trade Account Team. We’d love to hear from you.

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    • LoadaTrash Testimonial 1
      It was my first time I used this App, The way Loadatrash is providing a really reliable and superb service. I will be referring them all.
      Muhammad Imtiaz
    • LoadaTrash Testimonial 2
      A cheaper cost results made a perfect contract with Loadatrash contractors so easily I wasn't expecting. Thank you so much
      Gordon Dale
    • LoadaTrash Testimonial 3
      I am so glad Loadatrash App saved my life. Making a deal by finger tips is so easy now by their APP. Bunch of thanks
      Joan Avina
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