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About Loadatrash - Waste Collection UK

Loadatrash - Waste Collection & Management Company is an online marketplace designed to match people who want to get rid of junk to the nearest licensed waste carrier or reuse organization with capacity to collect it. We promote proximity to reduce carbon footprint and cost of pickup. We simplify process and payment to remove hassle and inefficiency. We provide a visual gallery to enable price benchmarking and greater reuse.

How it works - Waste Collection Management

Create a Loadatrash listing. It’s free to do and only takes a minute. A few photos, a quick description, and the price you want to pay for it to be removed. Nearby collectors registered on the platform can claim your listing at that price or offer an alternative. Once the price is agreed, the collector does the pickup and receives payment via the app. As well as connecting buyers to sellers, Loadatrash ensures collectors are properly licensed and only verified disposal facilities used.

  • Post a listing.
  • Get quotes from registered collectors.
  • Approve/select a quote.

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How we work?

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