Term of use

Load A Trash is a Company owned and managed by BMI Limited – registered in England and Wales 10152162 at 178-180 Lawrence Hill, Bristol, United Kingdom BS5 0DN
The services offered by Load A Trash. (“Company”) are conditioned on your acceptance of the following terms, conditions and notices without modification (“Agreement”).  The document herein shall refer to you and any of your affiliates, agents, employees, representatives and/or subcontractors as “you” or “Consumer”.  We reserve the right to amend the Agreement at any time by posting a revised version of the Agreement on the Company’s website.

  1. You represent that, if applicable, you are, as an individual, at least 18 years old and competent to enter into an agreement to use the services offered by the Company.
  2. You post a job and insert your details (name, address telephone number and email address) along with description, video and or image for disposal / pickup.
  3. The Company will send job details to service providers (“Contractors”) that performs services in and around your area (“Service Area”) who might wish to perform work that you need. Contractors will provide quotations without inspection based on as seen in the job details.
  4. The company will then pick three best quotes and will forward these to you. You will then be prompted to accept or reject the quotations.
  5.  If accepted, you will be prompted to make a payment against the selected quotation.
  6. If rejected, then the company may send you revise quotations for consideration.
  7. The Company, upon receipt of payment against the job, send job details, junk / trash location and your contact details to the selected contractor.
  8. From this point, you and contractor can exchange job related instructions via app or outside the app.
  9. Your junk / Trash is disposed of legally
  10. Contractor changes jobs status to completed after disposal.
  11. An electronic waste pickup note will be provided to you after job completion.
  12. Job details / Junk Load CANNOT / MUST Not be changed when payment is made against the job.
  13. You do not have the right to cancel a job after payment is made however you are allowed to delete a job to cancel collection before payment is made to LoadaTrash.
  14. To exercise the statutory right of cancellation, you must provide us with written notice.
  15. The contractor reserves the right to inform the company if the amount of actual load / trash / junk is different to what was posted / shared with the company.
  16.  You will be asked to post a fresh job to pick up the extra load / junk / trash.
  17. Any sharp or dangerous objects e.g. knives and broken glass should be separately stored in an appropriate container by you before we arrive for the collection. Under no circumstances should sharp objects be stored in bags. This requirement is for the safety of our staff.
  18. You shall provide our employees with free and safe access to the location on the premises from where the rubbish is to be removed. You shall also notify us of any special circumstances which may be relevant to our quotation, including but not limited to, if the rubbish is difficult to get to, if any items are large or heavy, if it involves our staff working at height, if the rubbish is secured, if there is likely to be a dispute as to whether the rubbish can be cleared, or if we are unable to park free of charge outside the premises where the rubbish is to be collected from. If you do not, or you provide us with incomplete or inaccurate information or instructions, we may cancel a collection at any time, either on attendance at site or by giving you notice, or we may make an additional charge of a reasonable sum to cover any
    extra work or costs that are required.
  19. If we are unable to remove any items from the premises as, for example, they are too large to fit through the doorways, then if we agree, in our discretion, to try and dismantle the item e.g. remove legs from tables, in order to try and get the item to fit through the doorway, if we are still unable to remove the item from the premises, then we shall not be responsible for the reassembly of such an item.
  20. We reserve the right to cancel a job if, during the process of the collection, new information regarding the nature of the waste becomes apparent whether or not this could have been ascertained at the start of the process. If so, The payment taken minus admin fee will be refunded to your nominated account.
  21. Unless we are prevented from doing so by a Force Majeure Event, we will provide services with reasonable care and skill.
  22. You confirm that you have the full authority for us to collect and
  23. dispose of the rubbish. You shall indemnify us from and against any cost or expense we suffer or incur from any third party as a result of your not having the authority for us to clear the rubbish including any containers.
  24. We will make every effort to provide the services on removal dates provided but there may be delays due to circumstances beyond our control. In this case we will inform you to arrange a revised collection date as soon as reasonably possible. Where we provide you with an estimated time of arrival this should not be construed as offering any form of guarantee as to the time upon which we will attend to perform the collection. If we detect or suspect there may be any asbestos, syringes, drug paraphernalia or other hazardous or dangerous substances or materials on site we may at our sole discretion, immediately vacate the premises, and will not be responsible for further collection and disposal. In such circumstances you shall still be fully liable to pay for our attendance in full and for any waste already removed.
  25. As it is impossible to weigh waste, the price quoted may be based solely on our visual estimate of the weight / type of the waste to be removed. Payment must be made at the time of collection unless the work is being carried out on behalf of an account holder, or a prior agreement has been made. Payment of our invoices shall be of the essence of the contract.
  26. We reserve the right to cancel your order any time without notice if, in our sole opinion, you or your representative or agent has been, or is suspected of having been party to bribery, corruption, illegal practices, solicitation of companies or offers employment to our current staff or any other act that may be considered by us to be to the detriment of LoadaTrash.
  27. Load A Trash use licensed Contractors
  28. The Contractors are not employees or agents of the Company and the Company is not an agent of the contractors.  All information about Contractors is confidential and for personal use only.
  29. In the event that you have a dispute with a Contractor, that dispute must be addressed directly with the Contractor and you agree to release the Company and its officers, directors, affiliates, employees and agents as well as any other person, firm or entity including the Company’s business partners, which may include our network of Contractors, from any damages or claims of every kind arising out of or related to your agreement and/or dealings with a Contractor.
  30. LoadaTrash will accept no liability for the implied legality of any service that we carry out. No opinion or purported advice offered by any LoadaTrash employee or agent should be relied upon in the assessment of legal compliance. By carrying out any service as instructed by a customer we do not convey any warranty of legality of the service in any way. The customer should ensure that any instructions given to us are lawful and the customer agrees to indemnify LoadaTrash against any losses or liabilities arising from dispute of property or any other legal dispute.
  31. This clause does not exclude or limit in any way our liability for (a) death or personal injury caused by our negligence; (b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) any breach of the obligations implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.
  32. Subject to the preceding, under no circumstances whatsoever shall we be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profit, or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the contract; and (b) our total liability to you in respect of all other losses arising under or in connection with the contract, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, shall in no circumstances exceed the price of our services under the contract in question.
  33. Due to the nature of the service we cannot guarantee that no damage to property will occur during the clearance process. The customer should inspect the working area once our clearance is complete and notify the team of any damage before the team have left the site. Any such damage must also be notified in writing to LoadaTrash within 7 days of completion of the site clearance. We will not accept liability for any damage that is not notified to us within this time.
  34. INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE TO US/TCPA CONSENT. Upon using the Company, you will be prompted to disclose certain information about yourself and your service requirements, and you will be able to store information, such as home services records, on our website or apps. Some of this information will be sent to Contractors who will need this information to respond to your request. By providing this information to us, or by submitting a service request, you are requesting, and you expressly consent to being contacted by us and by our Contractors via phone, fax, email, mail, text (SMS) messaging, or other reasonable means, at any of your contact numbers or addresses, even if you are listed on any official "Do Not Call" list, in order that we may provide the services set forth on our site, to service your account, to reasonably address matters pertaining to your account, including but not limited to notifying you of, or confirming, appointments that you have scheduled, or for other purposes reasonably related to your service request and our business, including marketing related emails. You also authorize the Company to send you an automated pre-recorded call confirming your service request, along with calls from up to four Contractors that can help you with your request to the land-line or mobile phone number you provided, and you understand that either the Company or the Contractors may use automated phone technology (including autodialled and pre-recorded messages) to call you and that your consent is not required to purchase products or services. For complete details on our use of your information, please see our privacy statement. You agree that by completing a service request, you are entering into a business relationship with the Company and/or a Contractor and thus agree to be contacted by the Company and/or a Contractor. You promise that all information you provide (including but not limited to your contact information, and any Ratings and Reviews of Contractors that you provide) will be accurate, current and truthful to the best of your knowledge. If you provide any information that is untrue, not current or incomplete, or the Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, the Company has the right to refuse any current or future use of the services (or any portion thereof) by you. You are responsible for any use of the services by persons to whom you intentionally or negligently allow access to your password.
  35. You agree that the website’s content is the sole property of the Company and you have no right to reproduce, disseminate or otherwise use the information for any purpose other than your personal use.  We reserve the right to revoke your access to the Company’s website and its services at any time. You agree that your current and future use of the Company’s website is solely for your personal use and not for business or marketing.  In the event that you violate any part of this provision, you agree you shall be liable to the Company for any damages and shall indemnify the Company for any third party claims against the Company arising out of your actions.
  36. You agree and acknowledge that you will be liable and/or indemnify the Company and any contractor from any damages, attorney fees, costs and expenses including any regulatory or judicial fines that may be incurred in the event that you knowingly falsify information submitted to the website.  In the event you misuse or attempt to misuse the Company’s website or to circumvent the Company’s services or system or attempt to utilize the Company’s website or services for non-personal, improper or commercial purposes such as hacking, fraud, marketing or spamming, the Company may terminate your access to the website immediately, without notice, as well as file a claim in Cook County, Illinois to seek an equitable remedy and/or monetary damages due to lost revenue, repairs, attorney’s fees and/or legal costs and expenses and to seek injunctions or other equitable remedies.
  37. Links on the Company’s website are solely intended to be a convenience for you.  These links may direct you away from the Company’s website and are unrelated and are not controlled by the Company and the Company is not responsible for those websites’ contents, products or functioning of the website.
  38. The Company encourages you to post to the website your reviews of the work performed by Contractors.  However, the Company may, in its sole discretion, reject Consumer Reviews, refuse to post them or remove them.
  39. Reviews and/or ratings do not reflect or represent the opinions or representations of the Company, its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies, or its employees, officers, directors, or shareholders but only other Consumers.  The Company disclaims any and all representations or warranties with regard to reviews and/or ratings and is not responsible and shall not be held liable for any review or claims, damages or loss incurred from utilization of the website or its contents.
  40. In the event the Company is unable to match you with a Contractor enrolled with our website, the Company reserves the right to convey your request for services and profile information to another website or provider’s network of contractors.  In that event you may be subject to the terms and conditions of that particular website/network.
  41. The Company’s services are provided "as is" without any warranty, and your exclusive remedy, and the Company’s only duty to you for any claim stemming from use of the website or the Company’s services is that you may cancel your use of the Company’s service and/or website at any time.  The Company expressly disclaims any implied warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose.  The Company shall not be directly, indirectly, specially, incidentally or consequentially (including lost profit) liable for exemplary or punitive damages arising out of this Agreement.  In the event your state or province does not allow limitations on or exclusions of incidental or consequential damages and that state’s law is deemed by a court of law to apply, then these exclusions may not apply.
  42. This Agreement shall transfer to the benefit of the Company’s successors, assigns and licensees. If any provision is determined to be void, unenforceable, or unlawful, for any reason, by any court of competent jurisdiction, that provision shall be modified to make it enforceable, while maintaining its spirit.  If modification is impossible, the particular provision shall be stricken and but shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms.  The Company’s failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.  Any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of the Company’s services or this Agreement must be filed within one (1) year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred.  This Agreement is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom as such laws are applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely in the United Kingdom and between the residents of United Kingdom. You agree to submit to jurisdiction in United Kingdom and that any claim arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions will be brought solely in the United Kingdom.
  43. You shall agree to indemnify the Company and its officers, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and partners (“Company Partners”).  You agree that you shall hold the Company Partners harmless for any and all demands, claims, attorney fees that are made by you or a third party stemming from the Company’s
  44. service or related to its website or the violation of these terms and conditions or the rights of a third party.
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